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2022 Brace for Impact Gala

Recently, I (Coach Corey) attended the Brace for Impact Gala. I have been to many social events like this in the past, but this one was different. It was a great evening, supporting an organization doing amazing things. This evening was special!

What made it a really great evening was the company I was with. I attended this with my wife, two fellow coaches from Xtra Mile, and a coach from a gym across town, along with their significant others. It was their companionship that really made the evening. We had some great laughs, delicious food (maybe a little too much), and we even danced the night away at the end. We strengthened our friendships, raised a lot of money, and made memories that will last a lifetime.

You see, humans thrive on relationships. We form them regularly and with almost any kind of entity, living—like a friend, partner or pet—or not, such as a car or barbell. We can even form relationships with characters in books, TV shows and films.

While many of you reading this are, like myself, more than comfortable spending time alone, we almost always thrive when we’re in the company of those nearest and dearest.

Xtra Mile Fitness clients have all heard the phrase “We are FAMILY” in conversations with us. We say it often because we truly believe that every member is part of our family, not just a “transactional relationship.” You can get a transactional relationship almost anywhere. At the dairy, the service station or at the gym, where the guy behind the counter, busy cruising the ‘gram, grunts as you swipe your card in.

This is all well and good, but those relationships rarely last, and your loyalty to that business changes as quickly as the price of bread or gas.

Then there are the intimate relationships we form. With our spouse, family and close friends; maybe our doctor or other trusted professionals.

This is where Xtra mile Fitness thrives!

We don’t lead a sea of people following a choreographed routine, so we don’t do mass-market relationships, either. We work on a one-to-one basis. As a potential new client, you’ll sit down with us down for a chat about you, your goals and fears, your hopes and wants. We prescribe a structured approach, starting with your most important needs. This might be nutrition, mobility or even confidence.

Your fitness journey at Xtra Mile will always begin with one-on-one coaching, either via a personal CrossFit class or with an individually designed personal-training session. This is how we earn your trust. We don’t sell you on cheap memberships and long-term contracts; we coach you with expertise and care.

Trust is a crucial part of this equation.

Those of you who’ve been around me or followed me on social media know that I have two dogs, Hank and Bruce. Both of them are rescues that we adopted when they were puppies. Both are amazing dogs, but Hank deals with some some anxiety issues that we work on together.

When I got Hank and Bruce, it was easy for us to accept them, as we wanted to provide them a great home and help develop into confident dogs.

I’ve had Hank for nearly four years now, and Bruce for just under a year. We have worked hard to train them and help them grow into the best dogs possible, but it’s still a work in progress. We’ve made huge leaps in there development, but there is always more to be done.

You are no different!

We’ll accept you immediately, but for you, the process might be harder.

You may have been burned by false promises and had unrealistic expectations promised to you by well meaning but inexperienced fitness instructors. You may have been sold the dream by a nutrition program promising lifelong weight loss—as long as you’re starving yourself or buying their meal-replacement products.

These experiences take time to recover from, and intimate relationships are the most effective way to do so.

Believe me, I know. Next time you’re in Affton, stop by and ask Bruce and Hank.

Hank and Bruce helping make the bed at home

Inspiration provided by Paul Richards at CrossFitHuttValley.com

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