Setting SMART Goals!

What’s better than a New Year’s resolution? It’s called a “SMART goal.”

Here’s why resolutions aren’t always ideal: They’re usually not specific enough, they’re seldom measurable, they’re only sometimes achievable, they’re often not completely relevant, and they’re rarely time bound. In short, resolutions are generally vague.

Instead, we focus on SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals. Resolutions indicate desire and motivation—which are great!—but clearer statements will help you get real results faster.

Resolution example: “I vow to get fitter in 2022!”

SMART example: “I’m setting a goal of working out three times every week from now until July 1 so I can lose 10 lb. and fit into my swimsuit.”

Another SMART example: “I want to add 20 lb. to my back squat before June 1.”

The differences are obvious. Resolutions often don’t point to specific actions, and they don’t provide deadlines or accountability. SMART goals highlight clear steps that must be taken on a timeline.

You know we’re all about taking action and helping you accomplish your goals at Xtra Mile Fitness. So this is your personal invitation to turn a resolution into a SMART goal in 2022.

We will soon be holding athlete check ins for all current members at Xtra Mile. In these meetings we’re going to go over your progress so you can see what you accomplished in 2021. Then we’ll find out where you want to go this year. The final step: We’ll provide the exact plan to make sure you get there. 

If you’re not yet a member yet, click the “Free Intro” button above and we can set up a No Sweat Intro for you to discuss your goals and help you set SMART goals.

When we know your goals, we can set up milestones we’ll celebrate together, help you move toward your goals at a much faster rate, and put together a check-in schedule so we can adjust the plan if needed or set new goals after you cross off the current ones.

If you’ve been feeling blah for a while, a new goal will fire you up again. And if you’ve been crushing it lately, we’ll make sure you have fresh, appropriate targets you can shoot for. 

Need some guidance? Here’s something you can do right now:

Imagine it’s April 1, and you’re feeling completely thrilled with your progress in the gym over the past 90 days. You’re smiling with satisfaction. What would have caused that feeling? 

If you do this exercise, don’t let the insight slip away. Write down the things that make you smile—or, better yet, post them in comments. We would love to know what you think of. That will help when we meet to make a plan for the first quarter of the year.

Let’s make 2022 the best year for your health and fitness!

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