How to Navigate the Summer Months


Memorial Day is next, meaning summer is here —a season traditionally known for vacations and cutting loose. 

By now, people’s New Year’s resolutions are nothing more than a distant memory, and most nutrition and fitness goals are on the cusp of falling by the wayside. 

The next few weeks are a critical juncture in deciding how 2023 will go. Will the beginning of summer mark the point when your progress this year comes to a halt, or will you intentionally approach the next few months with a plan to stay on track? 


The summer and the holidays are the two times on the calendar when it can feel the toughest to stay on track. 

The truth is, some seasons will be easier than others for you to stay disciplined when it comes to fitness and nutrition. But consistency is key to making progress and achieving your goals, which is very doable all year round. 

Consistency means showing up even when you don’t feel like it. It means making choices that align with your goals, even when it’s tempting to indulge or skip a workout. And it means having a plan in place to help you stay on track, even during the busiest and most challenging times of the year.

That might mean you only work out once or twice a week. It might mean more social outings and more flexibility with your food choices while you travel. But it also means never just throwing in the towel and completely putting your goals aside. 

You may not be able to make the most progress toward your goals during the summer months, but you can still take steps in the right direction, even if those steps are small.



As Memorial Day approaches, take a moment to reflect on your goals and how far you’ve come this year. This would also be a great time to schedule a Goal Review Session with Coach Christa so we can help you achieve those goals. Celebrate your successes and acknowledge any setbacks, but most importantly, use this time to plan for consistency. Set realistic goals, create a schedule that works for you, and find accountability partners who will support you along the way.

Take out a calendar and mark out any vacations, social events, or other trips you have planned over the next three months (June, July, & August). Now take a look at the remaining days across that time period. Those are the days you can win, and by accumulating enough of those wins, you can enjoy the rest of summer to its fullest while still staying on track.

The power of consistency is well within your reach, and it’s up to you to make it a priority. So, embrace the summer season and all the opportunities it brings, but don’t let it completely derail your progress.

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